Come and celebrate the opening of Ryan Cockburn’s exhibition at AFHQ, have a few drinks and watch some cool bands and the like. It’ll be fun.

Location: Sub-Basement of the Parisian Tie Factory

4 Poynton Terrace (Off Pitt St or behind St Kevins Arcade

Auckland Central

SHADOWPLAY Opening 5:30pm

 Date:       5:30PM Saturday 5th May 2012

Ryan Cockburn is bringing his fragile, hand constructed record interventions and sculptures to the AFHQ this May. He seeks to create a project of process, asking for chance to step in. Adapting the space to throw light and sound using the vinyl record as the medium for this transaction, it’s all up in the air.

Come and see what he makes up on the spot with what he’s got in his black boxes.

Ryan has exhibited, recorded and released in Australia and his native New Zealand and completed a M.F.A. (dis) in 2005.


Date:       7:30PM Saturday 5th May 2012

Cost:        Gold coins


Deathbeam, a terrifying tireless two-piece featuring remaining members of Frayden but also heaps of other things.

A deadly slow death boom duo with an eye for trouble. Equipped with various forms of daggers, haunted by ghosts.

Sometimes uncompromisingly loud and brutal, sometimes spacial, glacial and near silent,  their music brings to mind the greatest elements of New Zealand’s musical history, arguably namely the Gordons and Skeptics (but mellower), Snapper (but slower), HDU (but more kraut), Bailterspace (but more freeform) but also referencing other modes of amplified music such as crystallised doom rock and inner-void space metal.

‘The continuing saga of the mythical phoenix known as Beam. On a neverending quest… tracking the Red Dragon… From the scattered ashes of the Apocalypse Beam they rise… DEATHBEAM! .\”/.’


(Torben Tilly from Full Fucking Moon, Minit, TG&TF)

I’ve never seen Torben play in any of his fantastic outfits over the years, heard heaps of good stuff and I wanted to be able to see him play so I asked him. He agreed. Wicked.

(Photo: Hayden Fritchley)


The abyss of self reflection, where the ho-hum and hokum, holy and hirsute coexists.

Record interventions and caves of audio tape.
Scouring the fragile grooves, excavating the dust mines.
Heart in hand, broken tonal skeletons.

Wonky, outsider-art turntable percussion machines & collected trash ensembles.
Shunned by the academics.
No delusions of rock grandeur.
Full of cast-offs, seconds and contradictions aplenty.

Ryan has performed under the name SPIT since 2001, when resident in Dunedin and surrounds. Since moving to Australian, he has grappled with the obsolete moniker. This is his second visit under the Pits title.

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